Keep a Dog Dry on a Wet day

According to the weather forcast, were going to have some pretty cruddy weather today. The cats, dogs, and bearded dragon are laying lazily around the house. At least for the cats on a day like today, they can use the litter box, but for the dogs it’s a completely different story.

zukes        So with the rain falling here at the home office. The weather forecast is horrible. The rain continues to continue and is scheduled to come down all day. Well, right now, it’s literally raining cats and dogs. (but never fear weatherman are 100% guaranteed to be right 8% of the time)

What do the animals do when its lousy weather like this? Well for both the dogs and cats, there just laying around napping which is fine right now. But what happens when the dogs need to go outside and do what the dogs have to do. Let’s face it its difficult for them when its raining as hard as it is, timing the potty breaks can be difficult. We try to find a break in the weather, and get them in and out as soon as possible.

There are times in weather like this when the dogs just gotta go. So what do we do to help them out? Number one, and most important we grab an old towel to dry them both off, especially the golden retriever, which when she gets wet gets you wet. No matter how hard you try, she is soaked, thus its our job to get her dried. This is successful to a point, but as you can imagine, does not gt her totally dry. So then comes the doggy dry off by the dog.
All dog owners know what I’m talking about when it comes to a wet dog.

By the way, it is safe to blow dry a dog, but we urge you to please do with caution.

As for the jack Russell, this is a little easier. With the short hair, it’s an easy dry off process, but as you can imagine we still get the doggy dry off process.

The dogs don’t mind the rain, but it is an inconvenience for us the people and them. Be thankful that we do not have to do our business in eally cruddy weather, but we do limit there outside time in this special weather. Of course, people walking the appalachian trail yht279_jmay have a different opinion on that.

Reguardless of what you do when a dog has to go in cruddy weather, it’s a task that most of us don’t want, but like many things, something that we have to do.
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Flea And Tick Season is here Already





Flea and Tick Season is here already!! 

How do we know?

We found a tick on one on the company dogs, yes we do have a company dog, in fact two. They are Chase and Zyphr. With Zyphr being a golden retriever, and woods behind the home office, we figured there would be something making a appearance, and sure enough a puppy fleaTick got on to her back, which we were able to remove.

The main point here is simple. Take care of the problem before it happens. We took care of the situation right away, and then took care of the two dogs, and the two cats and got them protected. The weather was harsh here in Delaware during the winter, and its apparent that they are coming out early this year, especially being in near a state park.


According to,  they also recommend that you try to control the flea and ticks in the lawn as well. doing this will keep them happy and safe, and prevent extra vet visits down the road.

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