You Have That Pets Adds Zuke’s All Natural!!

yhtpetsYou Have That Pets

is proud to announce a new addition to the

You Have That Pets supply family.



Zuke’s offers Pet treats that are all natural, and  Made in the USA!  Zuke’s is located in Durango Colorado, and offers all natural products, for both dogs and cats.


They have 6 beliefs that include; staying healthy, being active,  showing devotion, healing others, living green and getting involved. Zuke’s also features 2 facebook pages. One for dogs, and one for cats.


Pet treats for dogs include treats for hip and joint support, Jerky (where meat is the #1 ingredient , and other many treats including bones. They did not forget cats, which include treats for the joints, and of course the nice fur so they can stay nice and cuddly, and keep you warm during the summer.yht279_j


The great thing at Zuke’s, is they are normal everyday people just like you and me. You can meet the staff at Zuke’s and there pets on the Zuke’s website, as well as find out more about the company that we have added to the inventory.

As is the case with most manufacturers, you are unable to purchase products on there website, but


You can find the selection of Zuke’s  products at

Purchase by April 30th and save 15%


For More information On Zuke’s, there beiliefs, and other information go to
 features pets supplies for the dog and cat, with plans to expand the inventory to other animals soon.For more products available on our site visit



You Have That Pets Features Pet Supplies, and Tips


We invite you to check out We are based in Delaware, and are a website that features pet products, and nothing but pet products. Currently the products on the site are All Natural. With plans to expand the lineup of products, this is  a starting  point. Plans are in the works to add a lot more.. Right now we feature All Natural Pet Supplies!!

We encourage you to check back frequently.

We hope to feature all types of promotions, news and pet care tips as we move forward. While we are the the beginning stages of our existence, we are not looking to overtake the big boys (you know who they are), Were looking to provide a service that you can rely on, while combining useful information like pet tips, and news and maybe some other rings along the way. is a customer focused service…..

To celebrate our official launch we are offering 15% off your entire purchase until April 30th, 2014


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